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What to expect in a bone density test

What to expect in a bone density test

If you’ve been asked to have a bone density test, here’s everything you need to know. Bone density tests are commonly used to determine if someone has osteoporosis – a disease that weakens bones, causing them to become thinner and more brittle. This means they’re more...

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Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is the number one cause of legal blindness in people 55 and older. The risk of Macular Degeneration significantly increases with age. In fact, people between the ages of 64 to 74 have a one–in-four chance of developing the disease.Macular...

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Get These Toxins Out of Your House

“Dr. Hyman, I recently read how endocrine disruptors like environmental toxins can interfere with your hormones,” writes this week’s house call. “I’m really freaked out. I feel like my house is full of toxins. How can I minimize their impact?” Unfortunately, today...

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Essential for Human Life

A freshly-cut apple turns brown, a bicycle fender becomes rusty and a copper penny suddenly turns green.  Without the right protection, rust or oxidation sets in quickly.  The same thing happens to the cells within our bodies.  That’s why so many health articles over...

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Are you a Water Snob?

My wife calls me a water snob. Eating out, instead of sweet tea, I order water. The water arrives. I sniff it like a fine cabernet, only to be put off by the smell. I might take a quick taste but only with a slice or two of lemon. The food may be great but without...

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Caregivers Say: Pay Attention to Us

To understand the caregiving crisis in this country, consider the seaside town of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. There, the average age is 53, giving it a demographic distinction: it’s one of the oldest towns in the oldest county (Lincoln) in the oldest state (Maine) in the...

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