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“Want to build a highly-productive business without the stress and overwhelm?”

Hello, I am Chantaine Rhoe-Bulluck, the “Lifestyle Transformation Specialist”.

I empower busy professional women like me who feel stressed out and overwhelmed juggling home, health, relationships and career to conquer stress and overwhelm with simple tools and strategies that subtly create the lifestyle of ease and elegance that you deserve while building a career that thrives, from the inside out.

How would it feel to….

  • Gain Powerful Productivity ?
  • Strengthen Your Relationships ?
  • Enhance Your Career Effectiveness ?

Find out how to NOT miss out on all the fun in life while building your career.
Request your “Love Life Now” Strategy Session today!

How important is it to you to discover strategies that can drastically change your experience in life for the rest of your life?  Start today!  Request your “Love Life Now” strategy session below.

My gift to you – “The Wheel of Life” worksheet!

Prosperity is all about having a balanced, successful, flourishing, and thriving experience in every area of your life. Balance is personal and unique to each individual. The Wheel of Life is a classic business and lifestyle coaching tool. In this worksheet I’m going to guide you in using this tool to enable you to take a snapshot of how balanced you are experiencing life today. Balance must be assessed over time, so working with you through the Wheel of Life one on one helps you clarify your priorities in setting and achieving meaningful goals, identify useful patterns and help you learn even more about yourself to create the lifestyle of ease and elegance that you deserve for a more prosperous tomorrow .

Are All Your Ducks in a Row?

What do I mean by that?  Leading a happy and successful life requires a complete understanding of ourselves, ensuring we have all our priorities properly aligned.  We can make issues which are of little life long value highly important while at the same time giving much lower priority to the issues that truly matter.  For example, how important is it to us to continually have access to our cell phones for text and email messages?  But at the same time we don’t set aside an appropriate amount of time to spend with our spouses or our children or even with just ourselves?  For the sake of those truly important aspects of our lives, we need to appreciate our choice of priorities.  Chantaine is a truly deep-feeling, loving,  and competent life coach whose insight and understanding provides you with your personalized life road map.  Meet with her just once and you’ll appreciate how well she’ll be able to calm your life fears and concerns.

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