Knowledge is power and homeowners need to understand some basic tips to realize potential problems before a major repair or a situation that can cause significant damage to the home occurs.
If you open the lid to your toilet you can determine two major things, one is the condition of your homes plumbing and the second is the quality of your water. The first thing to do is look for corrosion on the chain and the handle that attaches to the flapper at the bottom of the toilet. This can determine if chlorine in your water is causing corrosion, by the way you may be able to notice a strong odor of chlorine when you first open the lid. The second thing to notice is the sediment at the bottom of the tank. If there is sediment here then there is sediment is all of your homes plumbing. The third thing to check is to touch the rubber gaskets at the bottom of the tank to see if chlorine is destroying the rubber which can cause leaks or significant damage in appliances and other plumbing fixtures. Touch the gaskets at the bottom of the tank and see if it crumbles or leaves a black mark on your finger. If it does then please call and get some help. Chances are if you have to replace the flapper often then you probably have an issue.
Hopefully these tips will make you aware and save your home and your pocketbook from a major disaster.



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