The importance of preparing an estate plan is so that you can control what happens to your assets and who manages your estate. Ultimately, though, that generally is about family – protecting your family to ensure that your family is taken care of. Questions remain, though, as to how to prepare an estate plan, what are the major components of estate plans, and what’s the difference in a will and a trust. Some question if they even need a will. 
To help answer those questions and provide a tool for you to gather information and get organized to prepare your estate plan, I’ve written “Estate Planning Basics Workbook: Alabama lawyer’s perspective on the importance of an estate plan with the steps to prepare your estate plan.” This is a FREE resource, because I want everyone to prepare their estate plan and believe that this information will help people take the necessary steps to prepare their estate plan. 
To get your book, click on the picture or the above link. It’s a pdf download, so you can download it from your computer, print out the pages that need to be filled in, and then be on your way to preparing your estate plan. 
To be clear, filling in the forms does not constitute a valid estate plan. This book and forms are for informational purposes only, you still need to hire a lawyer licensed in your state to prepare your estate plan.
If you are an Alabama resident and need an attorney to prepare your estate plan, call Huntsville Estate Planning Lawyer and I’ll be happy to assist. 
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