Did you know that 89% of the population has never heard of Dry Eye Syndrome?  Incredible isn’t it, since it is the most common eye disease that people experience, especially above the age of 40.  One out of five Americans has Dry Eye Syndrome, almost 59 million, and the numbers are rising and have nearly doubled in the last 7 years.

Here are just some of the lifestyle and physical factors that increase your risk:

  • Age-75% of Americans over 65
  • Disease- Many diseases have side-effects that greatly increase your risk.
  • Computer use-We blink about one-third the normal times when on computers, exposing our eyes to air causing dryness.
  • Environment-Heat, wind, cigarette smoke, pollution and dry climates
  • Medications-Many have a negative impact on tear and oil secretion

Most people assume that their gritty, red, watery eyes are just a part of life.  Does this sound like YOU?  People are amazed that there is NOW something that can be done to alleviate this life altering discomfort.

Dr. Chris Teichmiller at Innovative Eyecare in Decatur is the first doctor in North Alabama to have the only FDA approved way to evaluate and treat the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye. 

The new LipiView accurately assesses:

  1. Your tear layer
  2. Your oil layer that protects your tears
  3. The effectiveness of your blink that distributes oil from glands in your eyelids to protect your tear layer

Based on the results of the LipiView evaluation,  Dr. Teichmiller may  then recommend the LipiFlow.  This is the only FDA approved treatment that can turn around the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye and bring eye comfort back to your life.

Call Innovative Eyecare today at 256.353.1871 for your Dry Eye evaluation!

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