In today’s mobile society, few are fortunate enough to have the grandchildren within driving distance.  But there are ways to build strong bonds across the miles.

  • Phone calls are fun any time, but especially meaningful when the kids are participating in a special event: sports, play or church program.
  • Videotape yourself reading their favorite story. If you don’t have a camcorder use a smart phone.
  • Have someone take pictures of you doing your favorite activity and send them to the grandkids by mail, email or text.
  • Write real letters. Include interesting magazine clippings or cartoons.
  • Start the tradition of making and sending a special decoration or card each holiday.
  • Mail cookies or special treats.  Use a special family recipe if possible.
  • If you enjoy sewing, make an heirloom quilt for them.  Use material from their parent’s clothing from when they were young.
  • Have old movies of their parents converted to DVD for them.
  • Create a scrapbook of photos and momentos from your and their parents childhood.
  • Write, videotape or create a slide show of your family history.  Include funny stories about yourself and their parents and tales of your ancestors.
  • Watch their favorite TV show and talk about it with them.
  • Create a new tradition for holidays that you both do, even if you aren’t together and talk about later or talk on the phone as you do it.
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