People ask us all the time about the best ways to get prepared for an upcoming move. Our answer? Proper packing!

Packing is vital to any move, and will make a difference in not only how fast and efficient moving day goes for you, but also how easy the post-move process is as you adjust to your new home or business. Being prepared for your move starts with packing and organizing so that come moving day, your moving team can come in and promptly begin loading up the moving truck.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has been doing this moving and packing thing for some time, and we’ve seen all of the way customers should – and should not – go about a move.

Check out our best packing tips below to help you get started for your next home, apartment, college, or even business move!

Get started early!

This is the best step to planning ahead with your move. If you can get packing out of the way early in the process, you’ll eliminate a massive amount of moving day stress.

Create a plan for packing, go room-by-room, and tackle a little bit of the process each day as you work toward move day. Use this moving day check list to get you on the right track!

Protect your belongings

There’s no point in packing if you’re items aren’t safe and protected. The best way to keep everything safe is by using proper packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and moving boxes.

A good tip to remember while packing up your belongings: the heavier the item is, the smaller the box should be.

Pack by room

As we mentioned above, it’s ideal to pack room-by-room. This will help not only keep similar items together, but will also help you in keeping track of where everything is and will help the movers load and unload boxes and furniture in a more organized fashion.

Label everything

You’re probably reading that and thinking “that’s obvious”, but it’s worth mentioning still! If you forget to label your boxes with what’s inside, you’re going to be scrambling and digging through boxes at your new home.

Clearly and accurately label each box so that both you and the moving team know what’s in the box and where it belongs on moving day. If you label the contents inside, this will also help you during the unpacking process, in knowing what you should unpack quickly in your new home, and what can wait a little longer.

For more details on the types of packing services and packing supplies that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is able to offer customers, visit our website

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